Car manufacturers that MAY have survived

and the cars that might have saved them

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Thank you for your visit. This website is and it is owned by me, David Roberts, of Farnham Road Guildford Surrey GU2 4RG.

I work as a carer for a small local company and I attend to non-medical requirements of elderly persons in their own homes. Whilst it is not the best paid career on earth it gives me immense satisfaction to do a job that I feel is extremely worthwhile.

I am not, I have to confess, an expert on cars; much less a trained historian. However I find the subject fascinating and I believe in the old saying that every one of us has a book inside us. I don’t think I have time or the talent to write a novel let alone a textbook on cars and the history of car manufacturers but this is at least a small contribution that I have put together in my spare time for the entertainment of other lovers of motoring history. Hopefully whatever I have written is accurate and truthful; but if it is not then I’ll be more than happy to have errors pointed out to me so that I can correct them.

I have created all the text and graphics on this website myself, and hand coded it so I am pretty sure that I have not breached any other person’s intellectual property rights in any way but if I have inadvertently done so then please contact me as soon as possible so that I can put it right.

If you have any comments complaints or just an urge to chat about this website and it's contents (or indeed any aspect of motoring history) I can be contacted by email on davidroberts at mailnew dot com.

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